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Scewdriver E1 MULTI 8

Scewdriver E1 MULTI 8

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Brand Grappleworks
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Head Style Flat, Philips, Hex, Square
Material Stainless Steel

About this item

  • Multi-bit screwdriver / nut driver shaft holds 8 popular tips great idea for gift
  • Includes 1 and 2 Phillips, 1/4-Inch and 3/16-Inch Slotted, 1 and 2 Square, and 4mm & 5mm HEX.
  • Bright high polished stainless steel that won’t chip, peel or tarnish.
  • Textured handle for non-slip and easy cleaning while maintaining its contemporary look.
  • A tool designed to look great in the Kitchen or Office, not buried in a toolbox.

The modified E1 Multi 8 screwdriver from Grappleworks comes with eight different bits (a Philips head #1 and #2, a Robertson #1 and #2, a 4 millimeter and 5 millimeter Allen, and a 4 millimeter and 5 millimeter flat head.) Three of those extra bits can be stored inside the handle when not in use.

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