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Pluggy 30W Fast Charger

Pluggy 30W Fast Charger

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Pluggy 30W Balance Series Travel Charger

Experience powerful and efficient charging with the Pluggy 30W Balance Series Travel Charger, designed to meet your charging needs worldwide.

Key Features:
30W High Power: Enjoy fast charging with 30W high power, ensuring your devices are charged swiftly.
Versatile Plug Options: Comes with interchangeable US, UK, and EU plugs, solving charging issues in different countries. Effortlessly switch between US, UK, and EU plugs for convenient charging anywhere.
Compatibility with Fast Charge Protocols: Compatible with a variety of mainstream fast charge protocols, supporting fast charging for most mobile phones.
Supports PD3.0, Huawei SCF, FCP, QC3.0, Samsung AFC.
Simultaneous Output: Dual output ports (USB + Type-C) allow simultaneous charging without slowing down the charging speed.
Rotary Folding Design: The charger features a rotary folding design, freeing up storage space and making it convenient to carry.
Wide Voltage Input: Designed with a wide voltage input range, making it suitable for various power sources.
Multiple Protection:

Ensures safe charging with multiple protection features, safeguarding your devices against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.
Upgrade your charging experience with the Pluggy 30W Travel Charger your reliable companion for efficient and safe charging on the go.

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